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Welcome to, #1 Source for Discount Military Surplus & Military Surplus Vehicles and the FINEST MILITARY SUPPLIES

 We carry Top Quality Military Surplus. These items are perfect for civilian use, whether for camping, hunting or collecting. Used military vehicles are built solid and can withstand rugged conditions.  You'll find Military Surplus Vehicles, Jeeps and Trucks. Not only do we have the "Best in the World" USA Military Items, We also carry German Military Surplus, Russian Military Surplus and Foreign Military Surplus items.  Get yourself some Military Clothing including Camo Shirts, Caps, Pants and Combat Boots and some Military Supplies, Ammo Boxes, Canteens, Helmets and Survival Knives. etc.

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Economic Crises and Problems Deeper than you realize

With all the Problems including:  With Spying on Americans, The New NDAA bill, TSA Viper squads & Searches on Americans, Walmart working with Homeland Security to snich on Americans, Plus the Financial Crises, Continuing Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Irans' nuclear program.  With Terrorists, a Collapsing Economy, Devaluation of the US Dollar,  inflation and possible hyperinflation brought on by Debt, Fractional Banking and the Federal Reserve policy which is Pumping 85 Billion Dollars Each Month to the Economy from Collapsing!.  Plus Little or No US Border Enforcement, Illegal Alien Crimes, Criminal gangs, Burglaries,  Possible Amnesty of  11 to 30 Million Illegals who will get Free Benefits and further weaken the Job market for Tax Paying Americans. The Rise Of Socialism and Fascism in America,  Uncontrolled Trillion dollar spending, and the so called "Too Big to Fail" banks & insiders who are accused of Shorting Silver.  We can't forget  Communist China who has earned billions by selling stuff through Walmart - and now might end up owning us because they bought the US Debt.  Radical anti-USA People throughout the world and within the US such as the attack in Boston or on our Brave military at Ft. Hood and the Attempted Airline Bomber........Who Really Knows What's going to happen???  Hopefully nothing bad happens but it's best to be prepared.  There's even talk of a "New World Order" with a New Global Currency & possible Martial Law to contain & control you.  As your Rights are continuously being eroded (remember the Bill of Rights?)  A forced "healthcare bill" with IRS Agents enforcing it which means the govt. will now know all your Health problems.  Rationing, maybe even Forced Vaccinations will be at hand. (You should start learning about Natural Health & Start being your own Doctor - I don't eat any of the chemical laced processed foods which are loaded with pesticides or hormones and I don't take any pharmaceuticals which can Kill.  I eat Quality Meat, Raw Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Carrots and Lots of Fruit & Citrus juices as well as fresh wild Fish)..........Those Who Cannot Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat it........Make Sure That You Stock Up On MRE's, Survival Food, and Protect your money from the dollar collapse by buying Hard Assets like Gold Bullion, Silver and everything you will need for tough times.  You won't hear all the truth from the Main Stream Media and the News Networks.   The MRE meals are also great for camping, Power Outages, Hurricanes, etc.  Be Prepared & learn about your rights under the Constitution which the Founding Fathers gave us! 

We Update This Site Everyday With 24 Hour Military Surplus News, New Auctions &  Information.

We do our best to offer you items, gear and collectibles which you might be interested in.  Thanks for looking......

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